Friday, June 02, 2006

Chark Blog - Book and media statistics

Richard Charkin is the CEO of MacMillan publishers (they publish the science journal Nature for example). Some key quotes from the post:

"On average across the world people spend 6.5 hours a week reading. The most of amount time spent reading is in India (10.7 hours), the least Korea (3.1 hours). UK is very near the bottom at 5.3 hours, Germany and USA a little higher at 5.7 hours."

"On average people now spend more time on the Internet for leisure (not work) than reading - 8.9 vs 6.5 hours. Mexico uses the Intenet for leisure least (6.3 hours) and Taiwan the most (12.6 hours)."

"Internet use reduces the time people have for reading by around 20%."

"40% of Europeans do not read books."


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